Discounts to help you do more

Discounts to help you do more

As we all look forward to stepping out of the cold frigidity of winter to enjoy the upcoming summer months, the last thing we want to have to consider is the need to tighten our belts – especially post-lockdown. 

The last few years have certainly proved a struggle and our members in particular have faced the brunt of the challenges posed by Covid – often helping on the front line in keeping communities across the UK safe, healthy and supported.

When you’ve been under that much pressure however, there’s no reason you should have to stress about how to make your money go further.

While we regularly shout about all the fun things you can save on, sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics and share some of our super simple money-saving tips and savings!

- Love gardening? Investing in a water butt is an ideal way to collect and store rainwater for use around your garden. Plus, with 10% off at Suttons, you can invest in all your outdoor needs for less. Alternatively, Wilko is here to help you save up to 15%*

- Shop around and get the best plan for your needs. Plus, get a £20 Amazon voucher when you purchase home insurance with GoCompare.

- Is your boiler on its last legs? Do you want to increase your home’s energy efficiency? Claim £100 off a boiler installation with Heatable.

- Instead of sitting in front of a fan or air con, keep windows and curtains closed during the day to keep rooms cooler before opening them at night to let cool air circulate.

- A hot shower can be the best medicine to wake you up or help you wind down after a long day but turning the temperature down can help lower your hot water use and help you save.

- Invest in energy-saving LED lightbulbs to increase efficiency and save energy!

- If your radiators come on but never seem to heat up all the way, you could have trapped air. You can always call a professional plumber but it’s much cheaper to invest in a bleed key and drain it yourself. Turn off your boiler (and wait for things to cool down fully) then find and open the bleed valve slightly (a quarter turn should do it), wait for the hissing to stop and water to start to appear before closing the valve again.

If you’re careful, you shouldn’t experience much water leakage but – if you don’t want to risk your floors and carpets – you can always keep a container and some towels handy just in case!

- Ensure you’re on the best broadband tariff for your family by shopping around and switching suppliers if needed. Being on the wrong plan can cost you and your family so why not explore EE’s special broadband savings or find out more about how Virgin Media can help you save on amazing TV, broadband and phone bundles.