BLC Blog - Be more... focused!>

BLC Blog - Be more... focused!

After a particularly stressful spring and summer, we’ve found many of our members are feeling in need of a little more support. Whether you’re feeling burnt out from a hard shift or frazzled from juggling your family’s needs while working from home; we’re here to help you refocus, decompress and make the most of your time, space and money so you can continue being the best you can be!


Give yourself a check up

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of bringing work home – if not physically then by mentally going over the day’s events. But, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy to do so long-term. Pay attention to how you’re feeling day to day and keep an eye on any regular patterns that might be occurring.

We all have hard shifts sometimes, but - if you’re coming home every day feeling anxious, frustrated or outright exhausted - it might be time to look at how you can best make use of your down time to ‘turn off’ and let go of some of that pressure.


Healthy body, healthy mind

Now we all know that a healthy diet can help combat stress and lower blood pressure. With modern life being so busy however, it can be hard to find the time to meal prep properly – especially if you’re simultaneously wrangling hungry family members.

Eating healthily doesn’t have to be a chore, however! With £10 off your first two boxes with Mindful Chef; there’s never been an easier time to meal plan and prep!

Plus, 50% off all products with Myprotein, it’s now easier than ever for those who’re looking to boost their protein intake or who may need a little help hitting their daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.

Working from home essentials

Whether you’re working from home or just enjoying your time off; ensuring your home office and broadband essentials are still in tip top condition can go a long way to helping you focus (or relax after a long shift).

So, whether you’re looking to save on cute stationery with 25% off Paperchase products online and in-store or seeking to maximise your broadband speeds while saving up to £270 a year off selected bundles with Virgin Media PLUS up to £100 in credit towards your bill; you know that – with your Blue Light Card – you’re always ready to save!


Working out can work wonders!

We jam pack our lives with so many activities and responsibilities, it’s no wonder our members may feel a little burnt out sometimes. However, not only can exercise improve our physical health but it’s estimated that as little as 10 minutes a day can release enough endorphins to start melting away stress and negativity.

Fitness company, Les Mills on Demand, for example, are even offering our members the opportunity to work out for less with subscriptions costing just £8.95 per month. Combine that with £110 off an Echelon Bike with Echelon Fitness and you’ll soon be beating your personal best without feeling the pressure of working out in public!

If – like us – you miss the gym however, don’t worry! Pure Gym have you covered! With strenuous cleaning methods in place, free access to online workouts as well up to 10% off monthly membership (with £0 joining fee!), it’s easier than ever to get back into the swing of things!


Fitness Fashion

Feel confident in yourself with our amazing offers on fitness fashion must-haves! Whether you’re dreaming of a fab new outfit or desperate for a new pair of trainers to take your workout to the next level; we’re here to help with 15% off Gymshark orders and 10% off with Under Armour.

Fitness champions, Reebok are even offering Blue Light Card members an amazing 35% off (plus 25% off on outlet items!).


Relax and unwind

We’ve likely all experienced the struggle of being unable to nod off at least once in our lives but – if you’re regularly struggling to count sheep (and it’s not medically related (or down to your partner’s snoring)) – there are a few things that are recommended to help. 

From running yourself a luxurious bath with 10% off online and in-store at Molton Brown or 20% off home and skincare essentials with Sanctuary Spa, or treating yourself to a whole day of yoga, swimming and massage with an amazing 20% off with Virgin Experience Days; with Blue Light Card, there’s no better time to invest in top-to-toe relaxation!