Say hello to our new branding

Say hello to our new branding

Since 2008, we’ve been here to thank the people who serve the community and face challenging situations every day.  

The Blue Light community is always there for us. You work tirelessly to keep us safe, healthy, and supported – often putting yourselves in danger to do it. We’re here to show our appreciation for your service and sacrifice, and bring our members the discounts you deserve.

Today - we’re doing more, delivering more, and giving more than we ever have before. That’s why our brand is changing. We need to think bigger, look smarter and feel more up to date.

Why a strong and consistent brand is important to Blue Light Card.

A brand tells people – instantly – who we are, what we stand for and what we believe in.

It’s us, in a nutshell.  It not only tells the world about our values but helps us better connect with you - the blue light community - and form long, trusted relationships.   

When we understand and buy into our own brand, it helps us pull together towards a shared vision of our future.

Plus, it also helps us in practical ways; aligning how we look and communicate so you get the same impression of Blue Light Card wherever you might see us – whether on our website, our Facebook page or in the news.

Our new logo, for example, is based on the symbols of the Defence Fire and Rescue Service, the Metropolitan Police Service and the Paramedic Service. These were the first three services we supported way back in the early days of Blue Light Card.

View our brand video on Youtube here

Yes, there will be some goodbyes and our characters especially will be missed.

But, from how we show our logo to our people photography, our graphic design style or the words we choose to share; every little detail – done with consistency - helps to build a great brand – one that people remember, respect and love.

There’s a big, bright future ahead of us. And we can’t wait to get cracking…

We are Blue Light Card. The discount service for the emergency services, NHS, social care sector, and armed forces.