Introducing the Blue Light Card Foundation

Introducing the Blue Light Card Foundation

Today, we’re delighted to announce something very special; the launch of the Blue Light Card Foundation.

A registered charity, the Blue Light Card Foundation grants funds to projects across the UK that provide life-enhancing support and experiences for those who work, and have worked, in the Blue Light community.

It’s our chance to give back to those who give most – you.

The Foundation’s mission

The Blue Light Card Foundation aims to raise up to £1m a year to support programmes and projects to ensure you know that help is available, and feel empowered to seek help if you want to.

It will ensure the Blue Light commmunity has access to organisations and projects that can support your wellbeing – from funding bushcraft courses, surfing weekends, and walk and talk initiatives, to providing mental health TRIM training programmes, funding mental health hotlines and even renovating wellbeing spaces and break rooms on site.

Naomi Adie, general manager at the Blue Light Card Foundation and Royal Air Force Veteran, said:  

“I am humbled to play a part in launching Blue Light Card Foundation and to help fund projects that directly impact the wellbeing of the Blue Light community. Having served in the Royal Air Force myself and completed multiple operational tours, I understand first-hand how hard it is to process what you experience and not let it impact your life outside of work.

“We’ve listened to you and what you’ve told us is clear; having the right wellbeing support is critical. The launch of the Foundation is an exciting new chapter where we can support the people that go above and beyond for us every day. If you’re running or planning a project that we could help fund, we’d love to hear from you.”

The Foundation’s purpose

This launch comes at a critical time.

In a recent survey of our members, 90% of respondents felt that their job negatively impacted their wellbeing. A further 62% said that they’d considered leaving their job because of how much it impacted their wellbeing day-to-day.

The research also revealed the toll that working in the emergency services can have outside of work; less than half (46%) of respondents felt that they could leave the challenges of work ‘at the door’ when they ended their shift. 

The Blue Light Card Foundation exists to bridge this gap.

The Foundation’s first grants

The Blue Light Card Foundation has already funded several projects that support our members, and the wider Blue Light community.

These include The Woodland Warrior Programme and Walk&Talk999.

The Woodland Warrior Programme was founded in 2019 by husband-and-wife team Nick (a former Royal Marine commando) and Louise Goldsmith (a former Detective Constable).

It consists of nature-based activities including woodcraft, woodland management, group camping and cooking, all of which have helped members like you to detach from the everyday and feel empowered to prioritise their own wellbeing.

Run by a committee of six operational fire staff with a combined service of 117 years, Walk&Talk999 encourages the Blue Light community to get outside, helping you to combat loneliness and build connections with others,

Nick and Louise said: 

“Having support from the Foundation has been amazing – a force multiplier that amplifies the important work we already do. It means we can support even more members of the Blue Light community – we now have space for 30 more people on the Woodland Warrior programme and another 120 beneficiaries who we can access support through additional resources. 

The activities we offer here truly impact people’s health and wellbeing. These people can take these skills home and, more importantly, share them with their loved ones and colleagues.”

To find out more about the Blue Light Card Foundation and the support it provides, visit:

The Blue Light Card Foundation was established in 2022 and is a registered charity within England and Wales (charity number 1198492). The Foundation is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.