Blue Light Card releases a new range of greeting cards

Blue Light Card releases a new range of greeting cards

Spoon thieves and cake fine victims, you are safe for now! This is of course an April Fools!!!

This April we are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new range of greeting cards, exclusively for Blue Light Card members. 

Introducing... Blue Light Cards! 

Whether you’re wishing a well-known spoon-thieving colleague a happy birthday or celebrating getting through the dreaded full moon shift, there's a greeting card for all occasions when working in the Blue Light community. 

You can order a single card or purchase the whole set, but make sure you get them before they go as this is a limited time offer! 

Say it with a card 

Why not kickstart your days off or annual leave by wishing your beloved colleagues well with our new “I love ‘ewe’… but I love rest days more” card, or show a loved one your admiration with a twist on a classic: 

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I hate working... When I’m not on shift with you. 

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten to make a card to help show your appreciation to your work bestie – especially those friends who are always asking if a shop takes Blue Light Card... 

Get your order in now ready for National Best Friend Day on June 8th! 

Mistakes happen... 

We know the impact of making a mistake, especially the big ones – one that deserves a cake fine! 

Did they forget their kit? Were they late to an important meeting? Or worse, did they take the work car keys home? 

We wouldn’t want you to let your colleague forget their first one. Give them one of our hilarious “Happy first cake fine” cards and immortalise this embarrassing moment forever. 

Oh, and next time someone forgets the rule about the ‘Q’ word, don’t let them get away with it. Remind them with a card! 

Coming soon 

Watch this space. Specific collections coming soon! 

Including the midwife collection featuring “Congrats on your first baby!” and the all-new e-card range, launching 31st April.