Get your tickets!

Get your tickets!

Whether you want to see your favourite team score a last-minute winner, rock out at a music festival or treat your family to a fab day out, Blue Light Tickets works with sports teams, venues, festivals and family attractions to make it easy for our members to enter free ticket ballots for events across the UK. 

Kicking things up a notch 

So far in 2022, we’ve shared 35,000+ tickets to games, gigs and events – saving our members thousands in amazing experiences. In early March, we invited 500 members (and their plus 1s) to join us at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium to watch the Six Nations game between Wales and France, which saw the French claim a hard-fought victory of 13-9. 

“We had an absolutely fantastic time at the Wales v France game. We travelled down Friday morning and had a lovely night away in Cardiff. It wasn't our first visit to the Principality Stadium and as usual all the staff and stewards were very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was brilliant,” said Sonia Stowe.  

“Thank you so much for the tickets, I was overwhelmed when I learnt I'd been awarded some in the ballot.. My husband, David, is a Welsh Rugby supporter so I had to support France, as you can see from the pics. Thank you again, it was one of the best weekends we've had in a while.” 

A terribly funny evening 

Fans of dry, dark humour were thrilled when we announced the release of tickets to see Jimmy Carr last November at Northampton’s Royal and Derngate Theatre. A night of deadpan delivery and controversial one-liners; our members thoroughly enjoyed experiencing an impromptu free night of stand-up comedy. 

“I am single so all my money goes on bills, and not in a high paid job so cannot afford to buy tickets and have money to go to the events you post. It is for these reasons I always feel really chuffed when I get the email to say I have won tickets to any of your events. This one in particular gave me more joy than normal. 

“My son has just moved back to Northampton, spending time with him is always my top priority. So, thinking he would enjoy a comedy night out, I applied for the tickets,” said Lorraine Richardson. 

“To my surprise on the night he told me that Jimmy Carr was one of the people on his bucket list to see! This made me even more chuffed that we won the tickets, and he could tick something off his list. During the night I watched him laughing and a tear came to my eye for the gratitude of winning.” 

Heading Wembley way 

The response after last month’s England v Switzerland friendly at Wembley was incredible, especially the message we were sent from Blue Light Tickets member, Vicky Keirle, about being able to take her daughter, Alice, to the match. 

“Like lots of children last year, Alice got into football by the Euros. Due to Alice's ‘quirks’ (she’s autistic), making friendships is hard and therefore she tends to have more male friends than girls as for her they are less complicated to understand. 

“You see, it’s not just ‘free tickets’ you’re offering. You’ve given her something she can talk to her peers about (especially the boys), something she can relate to them about, something that makes her ‘just like them’. It’s not just ‘free tickets’ it’s a moment, it’s a memory, something we have talk about, relive and reminisce about. A memory we will all have for many years to come.” 

Don't be a party pooper! 

The biggest challenge faced by our team however is when members cancel last minute, or don’t show up at all. This not only deprives other members from being able to attend but also makes venues, teams and attractions think twice about offering tickets to our members for free in the future. 

That’s why we’re asking ballot entrants and ticket applicants to double check your calendars, schedule the day off work (and the babysitter!) and top up the petrol tank before you book! 

Keep your eyes peeled 

We’re delighted that so many of you have been able to enjoy a great day out on us; knowing we can have such a wonderful impact in supporting our members (and their families) really makes our day. 

But wait! 

We’re not done with you yet! 

There are still tonnes more events coming up in 2022, so make sure you’re signed up and staying tuned for the best ticket ballots for you and your family! 

From comedy gigs that make you chuckle to stunning light show events and family fun days; don’t miss out on making the most of your free time this year! Find out what events you could apply for and enter at