Meet the mums of the Blue Light community

Meet the mums of the Blue Light community

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we wanted to share real-life member stories that showcase the incredible mums’ of the Blue Light community.  

From soon to be mums to first-time mums, and inspirational mums to role model mums, we have been sharing member stories on social media over the last week to highlight the joys of motherhood and just how unique and special mums are.  

From over 300 amazing stories, we selected 10 to showcase which you can read more on below.  

Inspirational mum – Nina – veteran  

Nina is a devoted mum whose children give her the strength to get through each day. 

Sadly, 12 weeks after welcoming their daughter Billie into the world, Nina's husband of 12 years took his own life, leaving behind two children, two dogs, and a business to fold. Through her children's unconditional love in the form of cuddles, giggles, and kisses, Nina has been able to continue fighting as new challenges arise. 

Throughout it all, Nina found solace in the unwavering support from her own mum, mother-in-law, sister and best friends who are all mums themselves to both babies and fur babies, and in this difficult time, they’d like to emphasise the importance of mental health awareness and encourage those facing emotional struggles to reach out for support. 

Step mum – Ameira – detective constable  

Ameira recently became a mum to a beautiful little boy and has been a proud step mum to 3 wonderful girls for the past four years. 

As a detective constable and with her partner working in the fire service, they are often like passing ships in the night due to shift patterns, but they make it work no matter what. 

Ameira’s favourite thing about being a mum is that her children make her smile every single day. She also enjoys repeating the pearls of wisdom her own parents would once say to her now that she has children of her own.   

Foster mum – Zoe – associate director of business intelligence 

Zoe is a mum to 7-year-old Zach, who was conceived through IVF, a stepmother to 14-year-old Harry, 12-year-old twins Elizabeth and Samuel, and a foster mother for the past two and a half years. 

Along with her husband, who has spent his whole career working in the Blue Light community, the two have provided respite foster care to numerous children over the years. 

Zoe says “a busy family and a busy job keep me satisfied both at work and at home, and helping others has always been the key to my happiness”. Her favorite part about being a mum is watching her children learn and grow.   

First-time mum – Jess – police constable  

Jess first met husband James back in May 2018 when they joined the same intake for Northamptonshire Special Constabulary. 

Nearly six years later, James works as a force control room dispatcher whilst Jess has been a police constable for nearly five years. Their first son Jenson was born on 22nd November 2023 and whilst James is back at work, Jess is enjoying her maternity leave and is loving every minute with her beautiful little boy. 

Her favourite thing about being a mum is watching her son smile and seeing how much he loves to laugh with his dad. 

Grandma who mums – Stephanie – retired nurse 

Stephanie was nominated for being a wonderful mum by her daughter Nikki. 

Stephanie worked in nursing for most of her life, in hospitals, nursing homes, and the Rowans Hospice in Waterlooville caring for people with life shortening and terminal illnesses. 

She has now retired and provides her children with the support they need with their children to allow them to work. Nikki describes her mum as “a wonderful person both inside and out”, detailing her travels to India and Moldova where she provided care to children in children’s homes and wants her to know that she has two very proud children who are extremely grateful to have her in their life.   

Carer mum – Leanne – NHS bank shift worker  

Leanne is a mum to four brilliant children and her favourite thing is seeing her children's faces light up when they realise that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. 

During Covid, Leanne worked as a covid vaccinator after her main job was suspended. She still picks up several bank shifts for the NHS whilst also providing care for her eldest son Connor, who was born with autism, ADHD and sensory issues. 

"When Connor was younger, we had to find what worked for him and when we had more children, it was challenging, but we found ways to cope”. 

Providing this type of care enabled Leanne to work with children with learning difficulties for the NHS as a vaccinator as she understood their needs and the challenges they face. 

Single parent mum – Natalie – social worker 

Natalie entered motherhood as a single parent unexpectedly but has described life since as “like an extraordinary book, one where I cannot wait to turn the page to make another memory”. 

Juggling full-time work and being a single mum hasn’t been easy, but thanks to her incredible support network, she can watch her daughter flourish and grow into an amazing young lady. Her favourite thing about being a mum is having a person beside her to experience every day with; a movie on the sofa, supermarket trips, and even karaoke on the school run. 

Those simple fleeting moments have Natalie feeling like the luckiest person in the world. 

Soon to be mum – Zoe – police officer & PPST, public order and taser trainer  

Zoe fell pregnant unexpectedly at 39 whilst working as a Police Response Officer and part-time Officer Safety & Public Order trainer. 

Despite pregnancy and the challenges it presents, she took up full-time training, including riot training, even at 8 months pregnant! 

Her favourite thing about being a mum is watching Colby grow up knowing that every day is different, with a new freckle here, a curl there and everything in between. 

Role model mum – Alee – patient transport ambulance assistant  

Alee became a mum whilst working full-time as a firefighter and has since tried life in the police force before moving into her current role. 

Alongside her husband, who was also a firefighter and is now retired, Alee remembers how her eldest loved visiting the fire station during her parents’ shift handover; enjoying the smell of the uniforms if they’d been out on a job. 

Her daughter Lizzie is now following in her parents' footsteps as she serves in Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service as a crew commander in the control room and as an on-call firefighter in Chatteris. 

Alee's favourite thing about being a mum is watching her children grow into the amazing young adults they are today.   

Work mum – Jo – specialist midwife  

Jo has been a midwife for over 20 years and was nominated by her team for being an incredible work mum. She has been described as always putting others first and despite her own personal trials and challenges, her team can always rely on her to offer the best guidance and advice. Jo is loved by all for her positive attitude and nurturing personality and is an incredibly supportive work colleague. 

Not only does she provide the utmost care to her patients, but she also provides a calming and reassuring presence, often staying late to ensure the best care is given. She is an inspiration to those around her and is loved by both her patients and her team who have emphasised that the department just wouldn’t be the same without her. 

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