Blue Light Card announces anti-theft spoon set

Blue Light Card announces anti-theft spoon set

We'll hold our hands up. This is of course an April Fool!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Res-Q spoon set, an exclusive collection of spoons to help protect our members’ tea breaks (and their sanity) amid a national shortage.

Spoons are a valuable resource within the Blue Light community, prompting our team to hit the drawing board to find an appropriate solution - the creation of a bespoke set including three innovative and ergonomically-shaped spoons for tea, coffee and sugar.

Featuring our trademarked EasiStir™ technology, it’s been specially designed to counter sticky-fingered spoon thieves, while meeting all requirements for stirring and mixing the perfect cuppa.

For those facing workplace restrictions on materials, there is also the option of customising your order to include our all-new plastic spoon, Blue™ (*Colour may vary).

And! If purchased today – members can receive a free retractable spoon-holder with every order.

Blue Light Card CEO, Tom Dalby said, “Often working long-hours with variable shift patterns, our members lives are hectic, which is why being able to recharge with a brew is so important.

“When speaking to our members, we found that missing spoons (particularly teaspoons) are a plague of staff kitchens everywhere, with break-time spoon shortages affecting 5 in 6 of you and forcing many to use alternatives such as pens, stick and even their fingers! (Not advised!)

“Demonstrating our understanding of the challenges associated with working in the emergency services, NHS and social care sector and as part of our continued commitment to making the Blue Light community’s lives easier, we’ve decided to champion break times and defend your right to a decent cuppa.

“The creation of the Res-Q spoon set – helping members maintain their ability to have a hot drink when on the go – removes the stress of having to find a suitable spoon.”

Sets are available now for a limited time only *subject to availability, and cake fines for repeat offenders are strongly encouraged.