Dad’s the word!

Dad’s the word!

From helping us take our first steps to teaching us life lessons that you never forget, father figures (whether our actual ‘dads’ or someone who stepped into those shoes) keenly shape who we are. 

Alongside our top range of offers helping you save this Father’s Day; we asked our team who they’re showing their appreciation for and why. Here's what they said: 

“I can always rely on my dad to give me his (sometimes brutally, honest) opinion. Even if it’s not always what I wanted to hear, I always value his thoughts as he’s usually right”, said Gemma, Research Manager. 

“My dad and I are like chalk and cheese; he regularly drives me bananas. I know though that day or night, whenever I need advice or clarity on something, I can trust him to give it to me straight”, said Ashley, part of our marketing team. 

“My dad and I are pretty close to be honest. He lives a few hours away, but we still make time to see each other at least once or twice a month. He has also been sending me postcards every few weeks for the last 10 years which I can always trust to contain something ridiculous; I still save every single one,” said Senior Member Services Exec, Chad. 

Celebrate the father figures in your life and make Father’s Day extra memorable with exclusive member discounts on everything from a cheeky pint and a slap-up dinner to the latest tech wonder or even something that little bit special. 

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