Frequently asked questions

Becoming a member

Yes, if you are an employed and paid staff member of the following:

  • NHS
  • Police Service
  • Ambulance Service
  • Fire Service
  • HM Prison Service/HMPPS
  • NHS Dental Practice
  • HM Armed Forces
  • MoD Civil Servant
  • MoD Fire Service
  • MoD Police
  • Highway Traffic Officers
  • Border Force
  • Immigration Enforcement
  • UK Visas and Immigration
  • Social Care
  • Pharmacy Workers

Yes, if you are part of the following first aid or rescue volunteer services:

  • HM Coastguard
  • RNLI
  • Search and Rescue
  • 4x4 Response
  • Blood Bikes
  • First Responders
  • St Andrews Ambulance
  • St John Ambulance

You are eligible only if you are an Armed Forces Veteran or a retired Police Officer or Fire Fighter. We will require ID to prove this in order to send the card to your home address.

Please log in and see the PHYSICAL Blue Light Card FAQs section (only available when you are logged in) for more information on ID.

Otherwise, applications are only open to currently working members of the emergency services.

When accepted this will be confirmed via email. You must only have one Blue Light Card account, please do not sign up more than once and create multiple accounts - these will be suspended.

If you have trouble accessing your account or you need to change your details, contact us and we can help.

You can choose to purchase a card when registering for your online account.

Or, apply in the 'My Card' section once you have logged in.


If you are employed and paid by the NHS, you are eligible.

If you have an NHS ID badge and are paid by the NHS, you are eligible.

Please submit a support ticket via our website or mobile app

We now accept applications from all pharmacy employees with an NHS Smart Card.

We are currently only accepting applications from dental practices that treat NHS patients.

Please join under ‘NHS’ and then in division please select the CCG in your area.

Probation Service are eligible and can sign up under ‘HM Prison Service’ and then in division: ‘HMPPS’.

Your account has gone into a queue while we check your eligibility. Accounts are confirmed in our working hours of Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.

ID Verification

Either you were not eligible, or you already had an active account with us.Please submit a support ticket via our website or mobile app

Please make sure that the ID you are uploading to us, either an ID card or payslip (from within the last 3 months) shows that you are part of either Border Force, Immigration Enforcement or UK Visas and Immigration. If your ID does not show this it will be declined once uploaded.

Already a member

Have you validated your email address? Please click the ‘Resend Email’ button when prompted.

Please make sure to check your spam or junk folder if you have not been receiving emails.

Please make sure you are manually typing in your email address and password when logging in, as auto-filling this can stop you logging into your account

Please use the forgotten password link to reset your password. You can change this at any time in the 'My Account' section once you have logged in.

Please log in and head to the ‘My Account’ section.

We do not store addresses for data protection – we can only access these before the print process. Any contact will be made through the email address we have registered for you.

Please submit a support ticket via our website or mobile app

Questions regarding your Blue Light Card

You show your BLC at a payment point like you would an ID card. Please note offers may differ by company, please check the terms and conditions of the offer for full redemption information.

You can find all offers via the bar at the top of the page once you have logged in. To see everywhere the card can be used on the high street, click 'High Street Offers'. To view every available offer, you can use the search bar and click the 'by company' drop down list. You can search by company, by category or by phrase.

If you also download our smartphone application, you will be able to search companies and local offers.

If it has been 14 days since your card was posted, you will be able to reprint your card in the ‘My Card’ section of your account by selecting the "Card not arrived" option. You will also be able to re-enter your postal address.

Once this has passed our 90-day grace period from date of postage, you will no longer be able to mark your card for reprint and will need to mark this as lost on your account and reapply.

Information on your card status is available in the 'My Card' section of the Blue Light Card website, or by clicking the picture of a card on your app. Here you can mark your card as lost or not arrived.*

*option available if your card was posted over 14 days ago

Please log in and head to the ‘My Card’ section to mark this as lost and follow the steps.

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Contact Us

Due to the impact of Covid-19, it has been necessary for us to introduce some changes to our operations which may result in a delay when processing new applications and responding to customer enquiries. Please be sure that our teams are working hard behind the scenes to assist all current and prospective members and if you have made an application/enquiry, we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Already a member? Login to raise a support ticket. You can report your card lost or not arrived instantly in your My Card section once logged in.

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