Are you eligible in 2024?

Are you eligible in 2024?

Are you eligible for Blue Light Card in 2024? 

As the UK’s number one discount provider for the Blue Light community, we’re committed to helping you save on everything from everyday essentials and holidays, to homeware, fashion and more. 

If you’d like to sign up to Blue Light Card and get access to over 13,000 discounts and incredible, exclusive experiences, check out our handy guide below to see if you’re eligible and the form of ID you need to upload. 

As we verify every single member, you must upload a valid form of ID which clearly shows your name and affiliation to your eligible employer. 

Please note, we are unable to accept paper ID cards. In this instance, you would need to provide a payslip. 

If you have anymore questions, please check out our FAQs


Paid employees and volunteers:

• NHS ID card

• NHS smart card

• NHS payslip

• GP surgery payslip

• Hospice ID card

• Hospice payslip 

Retired employees:

• NHS pension document

• P60 document showing NHS pension

NHS partnership organisations:

For those that do not work for the NHS directly, but work in partnership we would need to see the following ID: 

• Work ID card

• Payslip  

We use the information provided on your employment documents to verify the eligibility of your organisation under the NHS category. We would then use this to locate a website for your company and we must see ‘In Partnership with NHS’ or NHS affiliation on the website.  

Social care - Care Company (workforce) 

Paid employees:

• Care company ID card

• Care company payslip 

Social care – Social Worker 

Paid employees:

• ID card (showing Social Worker job role)

• Payslip (showing Social Worker job role)

• Valid SWE/SCW/SSSC/NISCC registration number 

Social care – Care Home 

Paid employees:

• Care Home ID card

• Care Home payslip 

Social care – Residential Care 

Paid employees:

• ID card (showing Residential Care affiliation)

• Payslip (showing Residential Care affiliation) 

Social care – Council (working in care sector) 

Paid employees:

• Council ID card (showing social care department)

• Council payslip (showing social care department)

• Council contract (showing social care department) + Council payslip 

Social care – Foster Carer 

• ID card (showing Foster Care job role) 

Social care – ILG Personal Assistants 

• Independent Living Group (ILG) ID badge 


All serving police officers, staff and volunteers are eligible. Retired police offers are also eligible. Accepted forms of ID include: 

Paid employees and volunteers:

• Police service payslip

• Police ID card

• Special Constables - headed letter signed by a Police Sergeant  

Retired police officers:

• Police pension document

• P60 document showing Police pension

• NARPO card

• RPOAS card

• Certificate of service 

Ambulance service 

Paid employees and volunteers:

• Ambulance service/NHS ID card 

• Ambulance service/NHS payslip 

Retired frontline ambulance staff:

• Ambulance service/NHS pension document 

Fire service 

Paid employees and volunteers:

• Fire service ID card 

• Fire service payslip 

Retired firefighters:

• Fire service pension document 

HM Prison and Probation Service 

Paid employees:

• HM Prison or Probation Service ID card 

• HM Prison or Probation Service payslip 

• Scottish Prison Service (SPS) ID card 

For those who are not directly employed by HM Prison and Probation Service, we would need to see a work ID card showing your affiliation to the prison service. 

NHS dental practice 

Paid employees:

• Payslip (showing a practice name currently accepting/treating NHS patients) 

• NHS ID Card 

• NHS Smart Card 

• NHS payment schedule (showing practice name currently accepting/treating NHS patients and applicant name) 

HM Armed Forces/Reserve Armed Forces 

Paid employees:

• Armed forces payslip 

HM Armed Forces Veterans 

• Certificate of service 

• Certificate of discharge 

• Armed Forces pension document 

• Old Armed Forces payslip 

• Veterans UK letter 

• Veteran ID card 

MoD Civil Servant/MoD Police/MoD Fire Service 

Paid employees:

• MoD payslip 

Highways Traffic Officers 

Paid employees:

• Highways ID card (showing Traffic Officer job role) 

• Highways payslip (showing Traffic Officer job role) 

Home Office – Borders & Immigration (Border Force, UKVI, Immigration Enforcement) 

Paid employees:

• Home Office payslip (showing Borders & Immigration department) 

• Work ID card showing one of the below roles: 

- Warrant Officer

- Detainee Custody Officer 

- Prison Custody Officer 

- Immigration Removal Centre 

- Border Force 

- UK Visas 

- Immigration 


Paid employees:

• General Optical Council (GOC) registration number plus a form of personal identification that matches this registration number, e.g. driving licence or passport 


Paid employees:

• Pharmacy ID card 

• NHS smart card 

• Pharmacy payslip 

• General Pharmaceutical Council registration number 

Blood Bikes 


• Blood Bikes ID card 

HM Coastguard 

Paid employees:

• HM Coastguard ID card 

• HM Coastguard payslip 


Paid employees and volunteers:

• RNLI ID card 

• RNLI payslip 

• Letter (dated within 3 months) from the Station Commander confirming affiliation 

Red Cross 

Paid employees and volunteers:

• Red Cross ID card 

• Red Cross payslip 

Search & Rescue 

• Search & Rescue organisation ID card 

Independent Lifeboats 

• Independent Lifeboats ID card  

St John Ambulance 

• St John Ambulance ID card 

• St John Ambulance payslip 

St Andrew’s Ambulance 

• St Andrew’s Ambulance ID card 

• St Andrew’s Ambulance payslip