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Blue Light Card has been providing the NHS with discounts since August 2008 from its website www.bluelightcard.co.uk by providing the NHS with online discounts and voucher codes.

The service then in January 2009 extended its offering when it provided the NHS with high street discounts, filling the void of the illusive NHS Gold Card. The Blue Light Card allows NHS staff to receive discounts on the high street.

The NHS has been provided with many discount services throughout the year, including nhsdiscounts and nhscashack though the Blue Light Card has brought a new aspect to NHS discounts, providing high street discounts as well as internet discounts.

Blue Light Card has expanded the number of companies accepting its high street discount card and now thousands of national and local independent retailers offer a NHS discount through the Blue Light Card.

Blue Light Card developed its services to give all staff NHS discounts and it stops any divide between job titles and the NHS discount levels they get. If you are a NHS doctor, work for the Ambulance Service or NHS support worker, the Blue Light Card is here to offer you NHS discounts. The card also brings together all services, the NHS, Police Service, Fire Service, Ambulance Service and other Emergency Services to provide all with the same discounts.

Blue Light Card works with many NHS Trusts directly to provide NHS discounts to its members of staff. We work with NHS HR departments and Improving Working Lives Officers across the UK deliver NHS discounts to staff. If you want to promote this to your staff please get in touch with Blue Light Card via our contact page and we will gladly provide you more information on our NHS discounts and provide you with promotional materials.

How do I register?

If you are a member of the NHS it is simple to get NHS discounts through the Blue Light Card NHS discounts scheme. Please click the register now button below and fill out the information. Once you have confirmed your email address, a member of the Blue Light Card NHS discounts team will approve your details and you will be free to take advantage of the huge number of discounts available.

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