BLC App in top 100 apps

BLC App in top 100 apps

The Blue Light Card app has entered the top 100 shopping apps in the UK with more BLC members using this to help them save.  A great feature to help those in the UK's Emergency Services and NHS save.

The Blue Light Card app allows members to access the offers and discounts from the comfort of their own home as well as on the high street when out and about.  This means that discounts are available at the click of a button and thousands of Blue Light Card members are using this way to save.

The app has some great features such as:

- Near me - find discounts in stores that are located around you or around somewhere you are visiting and even use this to navigate to them

- Search by company/phrase/category - find the companies that can help you save quickly and easily

- Virtual Card - a handy virtual version of your card right there on your phone

- Favourite offers - add offers and companies to your favourites so that you can access them quickly - particularly good for those that you use on a regular basis

- Random offer - give the phone a shake and get a random offer served back to you - a bit of fun but also giving you offers you may never have seen before

The Blue Light Card mobile app is available for those in the UK's Emergency Services and NHS and can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android.  Simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or visit the BLC app page